ActiveCampaign has some of the most powerful automation with default CRM and endless list adjustments.

Automating your list segment is very easy, and you can build a list of triggers and move users based on dynamic email content, follow-up sales, and more.

An email workflow is strong and easy to manage. All of these data are synchronized with their inbuilt CRM to provide sales teams with advanced weighing assessment functionality.

Their lead assessment system is flexible and strong. If you are not familiar with the lead score, this is a way to give points to individual email customers based on your election action. Then after they reach the point threshold, they enter a new automation funnier or can be contacted by your sales team.

These are the steps:

First, you choose your engagement metrics. This can be anything from open emails or clicks, all ways to download content, or consultation requests.

Next, you add your main rules and valuation points based on this condition. This must be determined based on the level of effort and tendency to convert.

Maybe open email is worth two points, and click the link worth five points. Or actions like non-open or unsubscribe are negative points worth. After the customer reaches the threshold predetermined point, the customer data flow to the CRM offer where they enter the new automation phase

This is a great system used by large companies to maintain email leads in the most personalized way. These features unlock with plans plus Activecampaign for $ 49 / month, which is the most popular choice.

Another strong sales points are email delivery capabilities, which rank higher than all other platforms on this list. Their email sent is the most likely to be marked as spam and has the best chance to hit the main inbox on Gmail and Outlook.

Their paid plans start at $ 9 / month, and they offer a free 14-day trial. This plan gives you up to 3 users, up to 500 customers, and the ability to send unlimited emails. They also have advanced reporting tools, with geo-tracking, click map, website visitors, registration forms, and more valuable data.

Overall, ActiveCampaign is the best tool if you are looking for advanced CRM, lead scores, and high shipping levels.

I suggest you start free to check the dashboard and its features. Then when you are ready, open their Lite plan ($9mo) or plus a package ($ 49 / mo) based on the size of your email list. Be sure to save between 30-40% when you pay every year.