It is a well-known fact that precisely chosen windows can make your home a quieter, cosier and warmer place. Decent windows do not need any painting and can make your home look more attractive. However, replacing your old windows is a costly affair, so before taking your credit card read this article with useful tips we have prepared for you.

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Partial replacement units

In the first place, consider how much you have to replace. If your frames and sills are in good condition, you can use partial replacement units. However, if your frame or sill is rotted, you will need full-replacement windows, which include the frame, sill, jambs and, generally, a nailing flange that attaches the window to the outside wall around the opening.

It is equally important to pick a window type afterwards. General design and style of your house may help you to decide. You can always change between all existing windows types until the size is available. Currently, double-hung windows and casement windows are the most popular windows types on the market. 

Choose a frame material

Finally, choose a frame material before buying. Wooden frames are considered to be the most expensive. To protect the wood, these frames are usually cladded in aluminium, vinyl or fibreglass on the exterior. Vinyl frames are less attractive but much cheaper. They, however, do not need to be painted or stained, however they have limited colours which cannot be changed later.


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