Nowadays scientists produce a huge number of inventions that simplify and secure our lives. Thanks to technical progress we can observe latest developments and receive benefits from them in everyday life. The environmentally friendly ecosystem is the aim of modern society, which hopefully will lead us to a better future. Have you ever imagined a beautiful leafy garden on the roof? Have you thought of a building as long as a skyscraper is tall? We bet you could not imagine that this piece of art of property market would be based in London being a new Google HQ.

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Comprise various housing types and spaces

To emphasize the sublimity, this place is the most connected point in London, which comprise various housing types and spaces. Nevertheless, inhabitants like this composition of the extensive railway station, roads and another ground environment. Architects, influenced by this surroundings, treat this new Google construction also as a certain kind of infrastructure. Moreover, alternate details of the construction warrant this development and its workspace will remain pliable for a long time.

Taking into consideration the structure, the inner part of the building is supposed to have all amenities workers would await. The platform for rest would include many advantages and benefits like swimming pool and spa centre. In addition, equipped sports zone for football and basketball, and a hall with 210 seats for announces and meetings. The massive garden will be layered on a roof, subdivided into various sections. It will boast a special area covered with plants and flowers, a cafe and a long obstacle zone for runners.


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