Convertkit is built by creators, for creators. They understand the needs of their clients and know what is needed to grow followers online.

They boast of interesting forms, increase the conversion rate with automatic email, and organize your customers to maximize involvement.

For bloggers who want to send personalized emails, text-based, their designs look like they are directly from Gmail.

Besides, they offer an email sequence that is advanced based on on-site actions and actions in an e-mail. Their advanced triggers make some excellent list segmentation options

Start with Convertkit – my main choice for bloggers.

Convertkit is also a strong choice for several main reasons:

You can use advanced segmentation based on different actions to personalize your email channel.

Your text email looks professional and doesn’t have a disturbing email branding.

The best email for your blog will text. Don’t worry about luxury design features, add your logo or a group of images.

In the end, this is a very good platform for lead Funnels.

For example, if professional sales try to close the big problem, they will close it with simple text-based phone calls or emails. They will not use email marketing images full of company branding.

Even though they don’t have a free plan, with prices starting at $ 29 / month and 14-day free trials, this is a good choice for bloggers that focus on building high converting sales funnel.