When you live in a flat that you are completely dissatisfied with, the only thing you wish is to turn back to the point when you were buying it. It is a rather common situation when we do not pay attention to certain things while viewing a home that will annoy us in the long run. To help you to save money and time while identifying these disadvantages, we prepared a list of red flags.

Check the content stored in drawers

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As soon as you enter your home, pay attention to every single detail. Firstly, check the content stored in drawers and cabinets. Open everything you can to figure out whether it has damages of infestation. In case you find something improper, tell the landlord or politely back away.

Secondly, consider your surroundings. Do not be afraid to knock the neighbours’ door to find out more about the building, environment and living conditions. Ask about things that are important to you. For instance, ask about how the property management deals with various issues or what your neighbours discovered when they moved in.

Finally, double-check your tenancy agreement before you sign it. It is better to take notice of things that were a problem during your previous rent. Check whether it is forbidden to make noise after midnight or live with pets. If you know what you definitely are not fond of, try to check such things in advance.


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