When you are intending to rent a new home, you probably have already made a list of stuff you like and dislike that influence your decision when choosing a new property. There are some things in your future apartment that you will be able to change afterwards, however other things are less flexible. Such things include, for instance, the number of floors in a flat or an apartment you want to rent. If you are thinking of renting a first-floor apartment, we prepared for you an overview of the advantages that a first-floor apartment has.

Extraordinary lifestyle

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Therefore, what about the advantages of a first-floor home? Firstly, permanent access to a garden or a yard will make a great impact on your lifestyle as you will spend time outdoors more often. If you enjoy eating outside or do some do-it-yourself projects that are more suitable for outdoors, a first-floor home will provide you with a nice opportunity to enjoy your meal outside whenever you want and develop your outdoor hobbies.

Secondly, if you have children, you can forget about bothering your neighbours. We all know that children tend to be noisy or too active. Living on the first floor allows them to run and dance as much as they want since no one will hear them on the lower floor. Moreover, noisy neighbours will not be able to disturb you either.

Finally, you will not suffer from the heat. The ambient temperature on the first floor is always lower taking into consideration the laws of physics. This is not only an advantage of living in a first-floor flat but also a great opportunity to save money on air conditioning.


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