Flatsharing has become a popular living choice in London not only due to the escalating cost of living in the capital, but also due to a lifestyle trend when young city dwellers prefer to live in the centre or close to the centre to immerse themselves in its vibrant life, and they are not ready to compromise. 

If you are on a short visit to the UK capital and your budget is limited, this estate agency will find an affordable accommodation option in Central London so that you can enjoy the most of it. We specialize both on long term, and short term rentals in London, including shared rents, but only if you find a housemate or housemates by yourself. 

Shared accommodation by yourself

If you look for shared accommodation by yourself, then you need to know about some legal nuances of flatsharing to avoid complications and extra payments.

Checking the agreement is of paramount importance! It should state very clearly the amount of rent you will pay, how long the let is for, and what all tenants of the shared property need to do if one of you wants to move out prematurely. 

If the agreement is called ‘joint and several’, that means that all tenants living in the shared accommodation, are liable for any unpaid rent or bills left by any of the other people in the property. Be careful: for this type of an agreement it is necessary that it is signed by all parties.


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