In the past decades, young professionals who have just graduated from the universities used to search for their first job in London seeking better career opportunities. Today, with the housing costs and overall cost of living in the capital being sky-high, many graduates look for other options across the country. 

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Rate of top-10 most graduate-friendly cities

Meanwhile, we would like to share with you the recent rate of top-10 most graduate-friendly cities where you might be willing to start your career in 2021:

Milton Keynes

The cities have been rated after comparison of 44 cities in Great Britain according to criteria focused mainly on the business environment and economic activity, job opportunities including graduate openings, infrastructure development, as well as the quality of life including crime rate, level of pollution and rent values. 

Manchester has been rated #1 first of all for its great graduate job opportunities, as well as excellent work-life balance. Thus, there are 6.47 jobs per 1,000 inhabitants, and this has been key to securing the 1st place in the rankings.


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