Whether you are willing to buy or sell your property, you will definitely need to find information what the current situation on the real estate market is.  Nowadays, property websites have become real home helpers, and any property purchasing or selling or rental is hardly imaginable without them. 

Here is the list of TOP-5 property websites in UK

  1. Zoopla
  2. Rightmove
  3. National Association of Estate Agents
  4. Nethouseprices
  5. Wowhaus

The leader of the list is Zoopla, which is the UK’s most popular online marketplace for property consumers to search for homes and do the current property market research. This award-winning online market place is the biggest partner for estate agents, letting agents and property developers both in Britain and abroad. 

You can use the services of the above property websites when searching for property or listing your home for sale. However, when it comes to the deal, it is wiser to involve an experienced estate agent to arrange the time-consuming selling, buying or renting process on your behalf. 

While choosing an estate agent, check his license first, and then do not be shy to ask him questions to check his qualification. It should be a professional with a vast experience in the real estate industry. It is advisable to find an estate agent who knows local area well. In this case the agent will be more competent about pros and cons of the region, plans for its development in the near future, as well as local property prices. 


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