It is common knowledge that housing associations, that is Registered Providers, play a huge role in the property market. They provide potential tenants and buyers with housing. However, when looking for a property, not many people think about such organizations because the most popular thing related to renting a flat is dealing with private landlords and real estate agents.

If that is exactly what you have been looking for, look no further. You can always check our website on the availability of housing association homes to rent in London. Our managers are always glad to provide you with all necessary information. In case you are unfamiliar with a definition of a housing association and its field of operation, this article may be useful for you.

Important role in offering new homes

First, housing associations are organisations that run independently of councils. They are the main developers of new homes in the social housing sector. Housing associations are partly funded by the government, through the Homes and Communities Agency, while raising the rest of the money they need for developing homes with the help of banks and private financial institutions. Moreover, housing associations are non-profit organisations. Therefore, any surpluses are used to maintain existing homes and finance new ones. Housing associations play an important role in offering new homes in the borough. Some of them work with the Council to build homes of different tenures for rent, shared ownership or outright sale.

Thus, to be a tenant of Registered Providers’ home, you have to choose an organisation first, then apply for a certain property and contact them as soon as your application is confirmed.


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