It does not matter how large your flat is because the interior and furniture arrangement plays the crucial role when we are talking about making a visual impression. The smart interior arrangement can breathe a new life into your cluttered studio. It is possible that you will not even recognize it afterwards. Some ideas, however, may sound too crazy for someone but if you are not afraid of changes – here we go!

Possibility of renting a property

Let us also consider the possibility of renting a property that is already perfect-sized. If you are interested in finding the best apartment in town, check out the available offers on the website. Our manager will show you all the available properties. Making a choice is not difficult since you deal with us.

One way or another, these tips will save you some time and money if you do not own a large flat. It can sound unbelievable and weird but what about giving up on the sofa? This piece of furniture is something traditional among families, however it always requires a lot of space. Therefore, if your tiny studio looks too cluttered, perhaps you should consider a chair or two instead. Another anti-sofa solution is to put some pillows on the floor. It looks exotic and fresh – you will really like this option if you are into modern style.

Benefit from a storage placing

In addition, you can benefit from a storage placing it above the bed. This will make your space look more open, and you will have all the necessary stuff at hand. Make sure to secure the shelf tightly in order not to get hurt.

If your cabinet is not enough to have a room for your kitchen utensils, install a tall storage with several shelves. This idea reminds of a kitchen cart, a useful and simple solution for adjusting your kitchen.


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