Experienced landlords who seem to know everything about letting process, sometimes forget that buy-to-let market is ever-changing and the pace of change has accelerated these years. The demand to rent a property in London is still high. However, the rule of thumb is that it is much more beneficial to keep the existing tenants, than to find some decent new ones. When you lose your tenant and start put your home on the listings again, you can experience the so called ‘void period’, which can be quite harmful to your personal finance since you get no buy-to-let income, but your mortgage, insurance, service and other charges still need to be paid. 

Ensure the correct rental price

To avoid void periods, it is advisable, first, to ensure the correct rental price that meets the changing market demands. Therefore, it is crucial to have backup with a trusted estate agency in UK, which can do proper valuation of your property free of charge. Then our experienced team of letting agents will help you with profound promotion of your property and will assist you with all legal documentation. We will carry out the viewings, organise the tenant referencing, including new immigration checks, and make periodic checks so that your home will be under scrupulous supervision. We will also take the responsibility for maintenance and repairs of your property, if necessary. All these procedures carried out by letting agents on your behalf will ensure that your property is let all year round, your income comes regularly and you have no headache. 

Interesting fact: according to recent data, landlords in the UK lose some £3bn a year in total when their homes stay empty. 


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