The Big Smoke is overendowed with different types of homes for everybody. For many decades, London has been regarded as a multicultural city. It also has a huge advantage as compared to other large cities — it combines a bustling metropolis with slow-paced suburbs. Real estate also varies depending on urban and rural areas of the British capital.

According to the categorization of properties in London, there are six different types of the residential real estate. If you want to take a look at the best homes in London, we are ready to offer you some winsome options on our website.

Type of residence in London

The most widespread type of residence in London is a flat. Flats in London are located in one edifice with a shared lift, a reception desk and stairwells. Flats or apartments are part and parcel of the city centre with its skyscrapers and tower blocks. The most coveted type of residence might be a detached house. A detached house is a single building with no shared walls. Prices for this kind of property are consistently high. Another popular type of residence is a semi-detached house. Although it is similar to a detached house, there are certain differences — semi-detached houses are paired together by a shared wall. Terraced houses share their sidewalls with neighbouring houses.

The most common type of property in a suburban area is a cottage. Cottages are one and a half storey buildings with low ceilings, small windows and thatched roofs. Despite its look, such a house can be a comfortable place to live in. Another type of rural property is a bungalow, which differs from a cottage in price and style. With only one or two floors, wide windows and a lobby, a bungalow is also cheaper.

Now, when you are familiar with all types of property in London, you can easily choose several of them that meet your preferences. Moreover, this information can also be useful if you are looking to buy or rent a home.


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