When living in your own home or renting an accommodation, if you have pets, you always think about making your place even more comfortable for them. Usually, people buy special sleeping bags for pets, but we think that your favourites deserve more than that. That is why we prepared some useful and uncostly tips that will make your fluffy friend happy.

Either way, you know that most of the property owners avoid renters with pets. Therefore, many people consider buying their own property. However, not everyone can afford it or thinks that it is profitable right now. Nevertheless, there are no reasons to give up, since you can consult professional real estate agents from our team. Renting a house or flat with pet-friendly space is no more a problem. Visit our website or contact our manager to get all the necessary information in order to find your dream home.

Try to avoid wall carpets

As soon as you choose a home, we can start with pet-friendly decorating tips. The first trick is to buy an inexpensive rug, which can be easily cleaned or thrown away. The best option is a seagrass or sisal rug because it looks elegant and will definitely complement your interior. Try to avoid wall carpets, as they absorb odours and pet’s hair. It is better to use a modular carpet tile instead. You can always remove a dirty tile and replace it with a new one rather than replacing an entire rug.

If you are a collector and love putting breakable items all over the house, take care to protect them. Pets can smash your favourite figures or vases to atoms unless your collection is put behind the glass-panel doors. If you match the carpet colour with the colour of your pet’s fur, you can forget about visual issues of moulting for a certain period.

Consider the pet’s place near the entrance. If your dog or cat constantly goes outdoors, prepare a spot for tidying. In addition, coddle your pet and make your friend happy with some attractive treats and toys. A rubber toy for a dog and a cat tree for a cat can be a great decision to entertain your favourite.


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