Picking up a tenant is a good idea when you want to relocate but selling your home is not included in your plans for the near future. Renting out your property will help you make some extra earnings, and your mortgage is more likely to be faster paid off. 

If you firmly decided to rent out your property, you will need to determine a correct rental price for your home. Figuring out the price by yourself is not recommended, because pricing is crucial for the further success of your tenancy, and lack of experience and knowledge of the estate market would prevent you from valuating your property correctly. 

What is your property actually worth

Property letting experts offer landlords free evaluation of property with further comprehensive management service to handle all aspects of their tenancy.  We can give you an accurate assessment of what is your property actually worth, based on a range of factors. First, the actual market prices in your area which we can check through our broad database; second, the condition of the home and whether it needs any repairs or refurbishment,  and last but not least, location and surrounding neighbourhood of your property. All these factors altogether will give a clear and realistic picture of your property market value, and hence, will help you decide how much to charge. 


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