Expats relocating to London from other countries may face some difficulties in finding a proper home to rent if they are moving together with families. Especially complicated this process can be if they take pets with them. It seems quite stressful when you like a house, its location fits perfectly your business needs, your spouse is already planning a redesign of both living room and kitchen, and you are pretty fine with the rental conditions, but oh no! The landlord is reluctant even to hear about your beloved pet!

Pet-friendly landlords

You can find a property in London with a pet-friendly landlord if you choose right estate agents to assist you in your search. Our team of estate experts knows the industry from the inside, and with our vast international database of property to rent it will be easy for us to select the right one for you. Our estate specialists will talk to landlords of the chosen property to consider the idea of accepting a family with a pet. It all depends on the negotiation skills to convince the landlord that pet-friendly rentals might be beneficial. First, because tenants with pets are more loyal and usually prefer long-term rentals. Second, pet owners show to be much more responsible people that those who do not like animals at home. 


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