When it had happened so that you have rented a flat in London, had your deposit paid – huge money, by the way, and then in the process of living you find your living conditions do not meet your expectations, this is quite a stressful discovery. 

This kind of a situation is not rare, according to estate experts from uk-real-estate who have an extensive experience in property to rent UK. And if you have found yourself stuck in this unpleasant situation, it means that you had been very inattentive back in the stage of viewing a home. 

Choosing a flat to rent

What are the things you need to be attentive to while choosing a flat to rent? First of all, you need to check whether the flat does not contain any health hazards: isn’t it too humid in the flat? Are the walls and ceilings, especially in the bathroom, clean of any fungus? Landlords have no legal right to let a flat with any potential hazards to tenant’s health.

Look out of the window and check the surrounding neighbourhood. Don’t be shy to knock the next door and ask the neighbours’ opinion on the building, the yard, the parking, as well as the criminal situation in the area etc. 

Double check your tenant contract before you sign it. If you are a party animal and organize noisy parties at home, check if there are no restrictions on making noise after midnight. And if you want to move in with your beloved pet, do not forget to discuss it with the landlord in advance. 


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