In the end of summer, London’s estate market has shown a threatening trend: record number of Londoners want to sell their property and move out of the capital. They are heading mainly north as property is much cheaper there. Accompanied with the soaring cost of living in the capital and recent changes to stamp duty hitting expensive properties, many homeowners decided to trade up and leave. Families who find their homes in London too small and would like to buy bigger houses somewhere in Liverpool or Belfast or Birmingham are in the first line. This creates a competition on the market and selling your home in London becomes a bit more difficult than it was before. 

Helping hand of an experienced estate agent

If you want to be a winner in this competition, you might need a helping hand of an experienced estate agent. uk-real-estate is a trustworthy real estate agency providing an all-in-one approach to selling your property. We manage everything on your behalf from the very beginning. First, we offer a free, no obligation valuation of your property by our market experts. Using the leading UK real estate websites and our bulky database of international clients, it will not take much time to find buyers for your property. We check the offer thoroughly, as well as the buyer’s ability to proceed, carry out all negotiations, prepare a memorandum of sale, and work on exchanging contracts. And we are well aware of the importance of dealing with a trusted solicitor when selling your property, who will carry out all legal procedures right and close the deal.


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