When you go somewhere on a trip, regardless of the purpose, both business and tourist trips require a short-term residence. It is useful to think everything over in advance because a place to stay somewhere even for a short term plays an important role in a trip. Sometimes people consider living in a hotel more convenient and cheaper as compared to renting a flat. However, there is an alternative even if you find an opportunity to get an uncostly hotel room with great amenities provided instead of renting a tenancy. You may prefer the perfect option of serviced apartments to hotel rooms.

If you are not into the property market but want to arrange your stay in London fast and professionally, check our website to find your perfect match. We guarantee to help you find short stay apartments in London considering all your criteria and preferences. 

Saving some money

How about saving some money just renting a serviced apartments? It is important to mention that private landlords can increase the charge at their will. On the contrary, a fixed-term tenancy may protect you against any unwanted inflation. By comparison, if you stay in a serviced flat for more than 29 days, the former price is reduced to 20 per cent. 

Moreover, it is a solution for people, who pursue an active lifestyle. You can keep your schedule flexible renting a serviced property. You need neither furnish the flat nor pay for a deposit. There is also less paperwork and possibility to get maintenance and support services at no extra cost.

In a word, the things we call luxuries in a rented flat are often standard features in a serviced apartment. Free Wi-Fi is another benefit, along with complimentary tea and coffee. For a good price, you can also have access to spa and leisure facilities like a swimming pool or Jacuzzi.


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