Perhaps London is not the most expensive city in the world, however more and more people are struggling to buy or even to rent a property here due to high rentals and fees not to mention constantly growing utility bills.

Nevertheless, there are several solutions for people looking for some reasonable alternatives. Our real estate experts have prepared for you an overview of trends in the real estate market regarding social housing and potential solutions to this problem. 

Social housing

Social housing refers to rental housing owned and managed by the state, non-profit organisations, or a combination of the two, usually with the aim of providing affordable housing. Commercial organisations also deal with this type of housing but that is uncommon. Normally, rental fees of social housing are considerably lower compared to regular housing. In fact, the demand for such accommodation is growing, and the current supply cannot meet it.

However, not everybody eager to live in social housing can get it. The decision is made on the government level. Usually, this type of housing is owned by so-called social landlords. There are local councils that provide people with social housing according to a special scheme. Therefore, if you want to get a chance to live in social housing, you must be included to a special waiting list and wait for ‘mercy’ from local authorities. Fortunately, that is not the only option.

Low impact roundhouses

Some people come up with the idea of building a low impact roundhouse. This type of a house has a round shape and a conical roof. This trend became popular in the late 20th century. Nowadays, such houses have modern design, and very often even people with high level of income as well as creative mindset choose such accommodation due to their eco-priorities and desire for a rather moderate life.

Tiny houses

Another popular trend is tiny houses. This can be called a social movement that involves people concerned about environmental issues with people who decide to live a life with more freedom. Very often, such houses are mobile or partly mobile.

We observe the rise of popularity of tiny roundhouses as well as the increased number of amateur builders. However, we believe that you should deal only with professionals and first check whether the builder can actually provide services of high quality.


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