Thinking of buying a flat in London? Foreigners might experience difficulties in buying properties in the UK and not every real estate agency know the legal procedures well. 

If you need a comprehensive assistance in getting a home in the Big Smoke, UK-Property estate experts can provide you with top-level services including legal guidance. Visit our site to make an enquiry and our estate agents will contact you immediately providing a free consultation. 

Understanding of the UK real estate market

If you are looking to buy a property, it is essential that you have a full understanding of the UK real estate market and have access to funds. And it will be easier for you as a foreigner to purchase property in the UK provided that you are a cash buyer. It means that you do not need to apply for a mortgage, as it might be quite difficult for you to apply for such a mortgage in Britain.

If you are a cash buyer, then it will not be any problem to find the property you have been long dreaming about. Our friendly multilingual staff will handpick for you any kind of property on your wish list – villas, apartments, flats or studios to fit your budget and location preferences. We have strong international presence and have some of the capital’s most attractive properties coming onto the market on a daily basis. 


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